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What we are doing
We’re changing the dynamics of garden design.

Since we became mothers, our standards at home and at work are evolving. Our values, our hopes for our children, our relationships with our neighbors, the connection to our environment, and the concern about what’s in our food and the products we use are now on the forefront of our minds.

What are the problems?
Garden design resources are hard to come by for typical homeowners who are not hiring Landscape Architects or designers. Many beautiful and ecologically beneficial native plants, as well as cut flower species, are available only through private commissions; they have not yet reached big box stores or local garden centers. Finally, there is a lack of transparency and information regarding environmentally harmful plant production methods. We believe people have the right to know how their plants are grown.

How are we helping?
We’re taking a multi-pronged approach to these issues. First, we are available online and over the phone as mentors for our network. Second, we’ve created simple welcome tools to help you prepare your garden. Third, we’ve pre-designed eco-conscious perennial and cutting gardens that are beautiful and safe for your home. We are listening, we are available, and we care deeply about your success. Our vision is to bring natural beauty to your garden.

We’re excited to share Plant Me A Rainbow with you.

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