Garden Conversations

The goal of of Garden Conversations is to ask questions such as,
“How did you start gardening?”
“What does ‘gardening’ mean to you?”
“Do gardens matter?”

We hope to ignite soulful conversations that take us beyond plants, because gardens are more than that, and sometimes we just need a place to talk.

Would you like to share your garden conversation with us?
Please do reach out.

Thank you, Elena

When we first saw the yard of the house we bought in New York’s lower Hudson Valley, it was covered in snow. We only saw the expansive size of it. With the house in the corner of the half-acre rectangle, it looked even larger, and was more gardening space than either of us had ever had. The size of the yard was, honestly, more important than the size and features of the house. No dishwasher? An oven from 1958? No matter – it had a shed!

Brooklyn Garden

Every year, in late February or March, I get an itch to grow something. It seems to creep up out of nowhere and then suddenly, I have to plant something. I start searching for leftover seed packs around my apartment, digging into my closet to find my gardening bag and gloves, sifting through kitchen drawers for any seeds left from the year before. What do I have around that I can drop into some soil? With a hint of green and the thought of warmer, sunnier days, suddenly, I gotta see something grow.

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