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Our professionally designed garden kits include a 30-minute phone consultation, welcome kit with bed prep and planting tools, step-by-step instructions, two standard layout & spacing options, 100 sustainably sourced perennials, and access to our network. These kits provide all you need to grow a garden that is beautiful, healthy, and a long-term investment. They are designed with biodiversity, safety, and native ecology in mind.

We created a framework called the Garden Pyramid to establish specific plant palettes that work together as communities in either full sun or part sun conditions. The base acts as a green ground cover and weed suppression layer. The heart provides flowers through the summer and fall. The top provides vertical interest. To read more, click here

We also offer packs of annuals (50 plants). We grow these annual garden packs on our farm in New Hampshire to organic standards. With one or more of these packs, you can grow your own cutting garden to arrange textured and colorful bouquets all summer long. Our annuals can be planted in their own space in the garden or intermingled with our perennial kits - especially during the first year while the perennials are maturing.

Together, our designed garden kits and annual garden packs are
versatile, sophisticated, and naturally beautiful.

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